Shiny, the fancy tool with R

Shiny makes results pretty ! (by rasvor)

Hi everybody! Please find an example of a shiny application on As you can see, the tool is quite powerful to present results.
The database I used was from Kaggle (UBERlike apps in Mexico). Thanks to some inspiration found in the shiny gallery (go to see the shiny website), I made an interactive map which enable to see and play with the data. As you can expect, I re-used some codes and I add new features.

If I have to make a conclusion, I would say that I really enjoy working on it and I am really impressed by all the possibiites offered by Shiny application!

Let’s check the result :

You can find the result on the link below (for full screen mode) :

This is a print screen of the Shiny application :

Shiny example